In our homes we find daily property maintenance as more of a nuisance  than a pleasure. At Kelly’s Landscaping we don’t just cut your lawn we nurture it, every lawn and garden is handled with supreme care and love. I am dedicated to turning your property into a maintainable masterpiece. I pride myself on educating my clients with all the necessary information they need for when I am not there. Everyday floods of situations arise where guidance, tips and tricks are constantly asked of me that it at times becomes overwhelming. This blog was created for the purpose of continuing the education that I currently give on site, over the phone, and in my seasonal newsletter. Kelly’s is slowly transitioning into becoming a green company encouraging everyone we come in contact with to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We ❤ pets, children, and wildlife 🙂 Please do me the favor of looking around the website. Click on our links which take you to our facebook page, our current running ads, photos, and articles I feel are interesting and informative.

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